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Last year we had a very high demand for our e-books. It was a big problem for our students as we'd already used up our budget!

​This meant that there were times when our kids couldn’t borrow the books that they wanted to read. So in December, we posted a list of the most requested e-books on our website with a plea to our supporters to donate so we could buy these titles. Gold Coast donor, Dr Rod Gapp, and his children Isobelle and Rohan took up the challenge and gave us a donation to purchase the Treehouse Book series by Andy Griffiths.

Six months on and we are happy to report that these books now rate as some of the “Most Popular” titles in our collection. This means that they are being borrowed and read more than our other titles. We have let Rod know about the impact of their donation and he was thrilled.

“This is a great project with real returns. What you are doing and what you have achieved is a wonderful thing and being part of it is rewarding.”


​We love it when we can create a clear link between your donation the children we support. If you would like to help us grow our library and share great e-books with Indigenous kids that are hungry to read please make a donation.

Donate ebooks for kids

​​In 2017 the rate at which students were borrowing books from our digital library snowballed. Comparing the first six weeks of 2015 to 2017, the number of ebooks checked out from the 200 students involved in the project increased from 950 to 1,411.

​That’s a 48 % increase.

Help us to build the IRP library so our kids won't miss out on the ebooks they want to read. To do this follow the steps below.

1. Choose a single edition or a complete series of ebooks to donate

Choose a title or series you would like to donate from the table below. All of these titles are in very high demand from our kids.

Rank Title Donation amount- Single Edition ​ Donation amount- Series
1 Harry Potter Series (1-7) $27 $185
2 Dr Seuss/Cat in the Hat Series (1-13) $25 $320
3 ​One Big Blue Family: I Can Read Level 2 $11 *
4 Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series (1-11) $15 $158
5 Treehouse Series Books (1-7 )​ $15 $100
6 The BFG (Big Friendly Ghost) $24 *
7 Billie B Brown Collection ​(1-2) $14 $28
8 Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series $23 $114
9 Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children $17 *
10 Big Nate Series Books (1-18) $15 $260
11 Born to Run $30 *
12 The N.E.R.D.S. Series (1-5) $13 $65
13 ​Frog and Friends Series (1-8) $17 $136
14 Deadly D and Justice Jones Series (1-3) $11 $33
15 Matilda $29 *
16 The Stink Series (1-9) $12 $101
17 Big Dog... Little dog $22 *
18 Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids (1-5) $11 $52
19 ​Black Beauty $23 *
20 The Berenstein Bears Chapter Book Collection (10 in one) $80 *

* Title is not available as part of a series.

2. ​Enter your details

Type the donation amount in the custom amount section ->

Type the title you are donating in the comment section ->

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