We need partners who will support us over the long-term.

We’ve supported over 1,000 students from across Australia so far with our E-reading program with clear, measurable results. We have big plans to scale up and transform the lives of thousands of kids.

Book Club is our membership-based program that brings together corporate partners who support our mission and share our conviction that change is possible on a large scale. To meet this challenge we need partners that are committed to supporting us to grow and succeed over the long-term.

Members back us by underwriting our operational expenses. They do this by providing financial assistance, providing services, and volunteering. They are our most significant and committed supporters. Their generosity frees us up to focus on our growth strategy and to give our community supporters the assurance that their donations will go directly to support kids. We call this our 100% funding model.


We have used Lenovo tablets for almost 10 years. They are just the right fit for our program. They are reliable and robust, which is incredibly important. When we send devices across the country we need to know they’ll survive the rough and tumble of everyday life of our kids.


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We acknoweledge the generosity and support from these organisations.

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