Our approach

We strive to improve the reading ability of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who need support and have the ability to succeed.


Who we assist

Who we assist - We identify Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids from around Australia who are behind national benchmarks for reading ability and are motivated to improve. We use a smart and cost-effective system of data capture to identify potential students. Teachers apply on behalf of kids who they assess could benefit from the program. Together, we look for factors that are important precursors to our program making a difference. We focus on a student’s attitude to learning, motivation, and commitment to tasks. We look at the teacher-student relationship and the teacher’s commitment to being involved in assessment and support. We also look for parent involvement.

A customised experience

We are early adopters of the latest technologies that can give kids access to books, stories, and other information. The technology is both a means to experience reading and an incentive for students to engage and succeed. We loan the student a tablet with access to a massive online library of e-books. We monitor their progress and if the reading ability is significantly improved they get to keep the tablet.

Leveraging technology

The technology also provides for a highly individualised reading experience. Our cloud-based library gives kids access to an extraordinary range of e-books almost anytime, and anywhere in Australia. This can be renewed and expanded as the student’s interests expand and their abilities improve.

Relationships are key

It is the combination of relationships and clever use of cutting edge technology that is the signature of our innovative approach. When the student has teacher and parent support, improvement in reading ability is more likely to be sustained. And success in reading has a positive multiplier effect on learning outcomes in other areas.

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