What they're saying about us

It's not just about the numbers. We collect feedback from teachers, parents and students so we have a clear understanding of the impact of our work. Below is just a few examples of what they're saying about our work:

I used to read a book with my Nan and didn't know what the words were and now I can read it on my own. When my teacher benchmarked my reading last week I got all the questions right. I
moved up two levels.

Cooper, student NSW

I think the benefits are for concentration and critical thinking are immense. But yeah, that deep
love of learning, that love of reading is probably the main benefit I see from the Program.

Ashley, teacher NSW

My child is coming home and reading. He never has done reading after school so I was impressed. Thank You!!!!!!

Nicki, Parent NSW

​Using the device to read books has been a huge attraction. He has been more focused and determined to improve his learning.

Nancy, Parent, Qld

Hannah wants to read and read and read.

Allyson, Parent, NSW

There has been marked improvement in confidence, engagement, reading level, fluency, accuracy and monitoring over the past 3 months.

Jo-Ann , Teacher NSW

It has been wonderful to see Jess grow over the months. Her confidence has increased hugely along with her reading ability. She is now so keen to read and earn the tablet and her mother and sister are delighted for her. Your project is so simple in concept and yet so well thought through too. Best wishes and many thanks again.

Rosemary, Principal VIC

Tammy has developed a real love for books. She enjoys ready for pleasure. Big improvements in reading and comprehension results in class.

Deborah, Teacher QLD

She is now less anxious and less self-conscious about and when reading. She is more able to attempt to make out new words using strategies like sounding out and looking for meaning in the surrounding words, and not negative about the use of these strategies as seeming too related to primary school tasks. When discussing the texts she has read She is comfortable to take time to consider her answer before giving it whereas before she was quick to say "I don't know" or to guess. She initiates her participation in reading and is active in seeking help. She has also expanded the topics she is interested in reading about and is more willing to engage with unfamiliar genres.

Lauren, Teacher NSW

Dylan's confidence and reading ability have grown in class. He has had confirmation now that he can be good at school as well as on the football field.

Paula, Teacher WA

I have learnt how to sit and enjoy reading. I didn’t really believe people just read for fun and now I do. I have read some good books and will keep reading. I know I can still get better.

Lemeishsa, Student NSW

Now I like reading and I can read chapter books!

Seth, Student, WA

He has really enjoyed using the technology and is more interested in history, science and non-fiction books. He reads at home without having to be asked.

Susan, Parent NSW

Krystal was very motivated to read and loved sharing her tablet and books with a buddy each day. The number of books she is ready has increased. She progressed from picture books to short novels. Improvements were shown in her class reading and comprehension results.

Dianne, Teacher QLD

Chris is more enthusiastic and more confident. He is proud of his progress in his reading and I think this has helped in some of his classes. He is more willing to talk about what he is reading and certainly enjoys reading more. Thank you for allowing him to be in the IRP. I know he is proud to be able to keep his tablet and he has certainly tried hard to achieve improvement.

Ivan & Deanna, Parents NSW

It has made me love reading books. I have learnt words that I have never known before. I feel l can enjoy reading now.

Leon, Student NSW

We have seen real change and it has been fantastic to see our students get excited about reading. I have loved having the students come in and tell me about different stories they read the night before and I have been truly impressed at how our students went taking care of their e-readers! Thank you again for giving us this amazing opportunity.

Kiriana, Teacher QLD

I think the IRP has greatly impacted this student. She has enjoyed being a part of the program and has read several large books that she wouldn’t normally have read. I think she allowed this to challenge her, and she has grown from the overall experience.

James, Teacher NSW

The tablet is fun to use. I read heaps more books than what I otherwise would have. My Mum and Dad are reading more because they see me reading now.

Susanna, Student NSW

Kylie has developed into a passionate reader. Her reading has improved since started the program and she is well and truly a more confident reader now than before. Thank you.

Nicole, Teacher NT

The impact has been incredible! She has truly enhanced her interest in reading and the results are wonderful!

Elizabeth, Teacher NSW

I've been watching this little organisation now for 5 years. In that time they've managed to engage with, and raise the literacy standards of over hundreds of students from communities all over Australia. They have a smart, innovative approach that leverages new technology to help our youngsters attain the essential reading skills they desperately need. Remarkably this has been achieved without one cent of government funding. What is abundantly clear to me is that this approach is low cost, effective and scalable. I urge governments and the business community to look closely at what Indigenous Reading Project are doing and to back them.

Professor Marcia Langton, Chair of Australian Indigenous Studies, University of Melbourne

Young people are generally excited by technology, and Indigenous young ones are no exception. They are extremely smart. In my view the IRP allows for self-paced and privatelearning and reading away from classroom pressures. Reading can be done anywhere, anytime and it can bring joy and confidence to the individual and the family.,Learning opportunities like IRP is a good example of very positive education participation for Indigenous children, and even earlier participation is likely to have far reaching positive education results and life benefits. I commend IRP and pledge to continue to contribute and support its positive impact.

Rod Little, Co-Chair, National Congress of Australia's First Peoples

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