Discover stories about the impact of our work from some of the nation's leading media outlets:

Dan Billing and Marcia Langton on NAPLAN results and Indigenous children's reading achievement I ABC Radio National 14-12-2017

​Where are they now? Daniel Billing getting hundreds of Indigenous kids reading I The Canberra Times 17-01-2016

Charity Kindles boost reading skills of Indigenous children I The Australian I 12-12-2014

E-readers set young on road to love of books I Canberra Times I 15-01-2014

Push to expand indigenous reading I Canberra Times I 15-01-2014

E-readers kindle a desire to learn I The Australian I 20-12-2013

Project kindles lift in literacy I Toowoomba Chronicle I 16-04-2012

Kindling an Indigenous readership I Canberra Times I 01-02-2013

Intervention kindles a love of reading I The Sydney Morning Herald 28-12-2012

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