Results matter

When it comes to reading, results really matter. We make sure that each student that participates in the e-reading program has their progress carefully monitored some that we can be clear about the impact we are having.

2019 Snapshot

230 Students supported   &   3,493 E-books checked out


How we measure success

We monitor student progress based on individual benchmarks and track the following outcomes:

  1. Measurable improvements in reading ability for all children
  2. Positive changes in confidence and motivation for learning as students read more.

We seek to develop a strong evidence base for our work so we can continue to improve our approach, scale up our reach, and share learning with others interested in what we are doing.

Our 2019 results in detail

E-reading Program

168 out of 184 students successfully completed our E-reading program and checked out 2,916 e-books. Each of these students demonstrated a measurable improvement in their reading ability against our three key measures:

  • The average amount of time spent reading improved by 62%
  • Fluency test scores improved by 23%
  • Comprehension test scores improved by 30.1%.

​This data measures changes in performance from baseline testing established before the program begins with follow up tests after the program ends 12 weeks later.

Reading for Life Program

​The Reading for Life (RFL) is a selective program offered to students who have made significant improvements in their reading ability through our E-reading program. The aim of RFL is to embed reading as a lifelong habit so that students can progress through school and transition to further learning and work. The program provides reading resources for participating students for their entire school life. Reading resources include devices (tablets), ongoing library membership, and the ability to request specific e-book purchases for the IRP library.

The RFL started in 2018 with 18 students. This increased to 46 students in 2019.  This represents 20% of the total number of students we supported in 2019.  Our RFL students checked out 562 e-books in 2019.

Where are we working?

The map below shows some of the places we have worked in from 2012 to 2019. Over this time we offered places to 1,234 students from diverse communities all over Australia. 1,077 have successfully completed our e-reading program. A further 157 students either failed or were unable to complete the program. Our success rate over eight years is 87%.

Donate now


A generous gift from you today will help provide crucial reading support to indigenous children across Australia. Purchase an e-book or an e-book series, or sponsor a Reading for Life student, and you’ll be making an essential life skill a part of a struggling reader’s life. That’s the true meaning of Christmas right there.

From as little as $20, you are sharing the gift of reading with a child.

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